Austria - Headquarter

Schwarz Consulting GmbH
Münchener Bundesstraße 105,
5020 Salzburg, Austria

Legal Information:

Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Commercial Register Number: FN 39187d
UID / VAT: ATU59073656
GF: Hannes Schwarz und Mag. Walentina Schwarz


Helenenstraße 57,
2500 Baden,

Tel. +43.1.715.1199
Fax. +43.2252.252.551


Wuzhong Economical Development Zone, 215104 Suzhou, China

Tel. +86.512.6603.3951
Fax. +86.512.6603.3957



Russian Federation,Region Krasnodar, 353461 Gelendzhik, Ostrovskogo 71A

Tel./Fax: +7.86141.70035

Geschäftsfelder der Schwarz Consulting GmbH

Schwarz Consulting Ltd. has been founded 14.12.1992.

The managing partners are Mrs. Walentina Schwarz (MBA) and Mr. Hannes Schwarz.

Since 1996 Schwarz Consulting Ltd. has specialized in the initiation, mediation and settlement of commercial transactions, particularly with companies in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

As a result of this long experience we have excellent contacts with relevant authorities and departments in this region, which already made it possible for us to successfully realize a variety of projects.

Our company has ongoing consulting contracts with Austrian and European companies and advises them continuously on all necessary administrative steps, especially in the Russian Federation.

For reasons of discretion, these companies are not being named here.

Schwarz Consulting Ltd. uses both its own as well as external staff and consultants, depending on what is necessary with respect to the project.

For better coordination, streamlining and optimising the workflow, we have permanently operated offices in St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Moscow and Suzhou (China).

Schwarz Consulting Ltd. in particular advises in and supports:
• the initiation and settlement of trading transactions
• the establishment of commercial agencies
• the search for suitable joint venture partners
• dealing with the relevant authorities and agencies
• the choice of location

We strive to do our best to fully support our customers and partners in their local market development activities.

In 2008 we established a joint venture with Chinese partners in China and built a factory in Suzhou, which produces the so-called slow trains.

Operating 13 trains in the Russian Federation, we are also the second largest slow train operator in Europe.

In Austria we run the Schwarz Wienerwald Residenz as exclusive guesthouse.

It is our concern to cultivate our business partnerships and to keep building up new relationships.